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Why Obama may be wrong when lecturing Africa about gay marriage

Obama is obviously trying to perform a diplomacy that stuffs gay rights, especially gay marriage in the package deal of the glorious american democracy conquering the world. The future wil tell us if he was right or wrong, but in case he is wrong he is also stupid. What he does presently is yelling at all these African nations "if you touch a single hair of that person I'm gonna be seriously offended, you'd better believe me". Then after 4 hours he leaves those he pretends to protect absolutely alone on the battlefield. Those who want to offend the protégés , as a retaliation will grab immediately the poor guys by the hair. Homosexuals, especially in those emergent-morally sensitive-underdevelopped countries like Kenya, Cameroon Zimbabwe etc, have no need to be pointed at - and considered  from the quietness of Washington or Philadelphia, as a permanent casus belli. These homosexuals know that, once dead, they won't give a damn finding out if America was right or wrong. They think that, as long as they remain alive, that kind of truth can wait. They prefer to live in peace than rest in peace. Who will blame them?