Lecture given at University of Windhoek, Namibia, in 2005
I would like to say a few words about the reasons why “European literature should or should not still be considered as a family matter ”We do not necessarily have to answer this question by yes or no. At least not so quickly. And yet you probably guess that I got my opinion on what the answer is. But you probably do not guess that my opinion will rather be “yes” than "no". “Yes” european literature has been telling us the story of a continent , with its values, beliefs, delusions, for nearly a thousand years (if we do not go back to the Roman empire). Yes I do believe that the Europeans should keep on because it is leading us somewhere. And as a french writer, that somewhere is very definitely where I want to go .
Les âmes douces (Mild-mannered souls) describes, with the help of a famous specialist in endocrinology and neurobiology, Pr Balthazart, another side of homosexuality throughout history, morals, religion etc .Which one ? The tough one.For 30 years, scientific researches have focused on male homosexuality, and stressed out its relationship with testosterone, suggesting that gay males might have been underexposed to androgens. Les Ames douces stands on the opposite ground.
Obama is obviously trying to perform a diplomacy that stuffs gay rights, especially gay marriage in the package deal of the glorious american democracy conquering the world. The future wil tell us if he was right or wrong, but in case he is wrong he is also stupid. What he does presently is yelling at all these African nations "if you touch a single hair of that person I'm gonna be seriously offended, you'd better believe me". Then after 4 hours he leaves those he pretends to protect absolutely alone on the battlefield.