Les âmes douces (Mild mannered souls)

Towards a general theory of homosexuality that applies to males and females through the rate of androgens exposure in the womb.


Les âmes douces (Mild-mannered souls) describes, with the help of a famous specialist in endocrinology and neurobiology, Pr Balthazart, another side of homosexuality throughout history, morals, religion etc .


Which one ? The tough one.

For 30 years, scientific researches have focused on male homosexuality, and stressed out its relationship with testosterone, suggesting that gay males might have been underexposed to androgens. Les Ames douces stands on the opposite ground. It stresses out the persistence of an unexplored continent crowded with grumpy homosexuals, male or female, who share the same inability to cope with normal life, often lacking humor, with a poor verbal expression, showing no taste in decoration and clothing, but they have definite "powers" in terms of calculation, music, philosophy, conceptual thinking. These characters have been overexposed to androgens. Among them, one can find famous soldiers, pilots, thinkers, mathematicians, overtalented calculators like Daniel Tammet, John Nash, Glenn Gould, Howard Hughes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Camille Saint Saëns, the list is very long and the common "symptoms" are easy to spot.

The proportion of men is 9 for 1 woman only, and the only woman looks like Suzan Boyle. Why?

The majority of them are left-handed homosexuals. Why ?

It tends to prove that homosexuality, apart from its most likely genetic ground, depends on the amount of androgens received in the womb. What does it change? A lot. First there is no difference in nature between gays and lesbians. Then if homosexuals are "born" that way, and if their percentage is constant throughout human history, what might be the purpose of Nature about them ? Is there a biological & philosophical agenda ? Are they, somehow, related to the evolution of morals, conceptual thinking , speculative science in the history of the world ? In other words do the homosexuals belong in the spirit world by nature?

One thing is troubling, to end with it : in spite of the incredible number of grumpy characters you can find among the over-androgenized homosexuals and the butch lesbians you also find among them the greatest proportion of pacifists, philantropic philosophers, non-violent thinkers. Food for thought. The book comes out fall 2015 in Paris.